With the authorities of the Russian Federation:

  • Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation
  • Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation

Specialists of the company are the members of:

Interdepartmental Coordination Council on the development of power engineering, electrical and cable industry

Commission on the issues of determining the degree of localization with respect to a generating facility operating on the basis of renewable energy sources

With electric grid companies of the Russian Federation:

The company’s specialists are the members of the Scientific and Technical Council of PJSC “Rosseti”, section “Technologies and equipment of substations”.

With public organizations of the Russian Federation:

  • The Russian Union of Scientific and Engineering Public Associations, the Committee on Problems of the Usage of Renewable Energy Sources
  • The Union of Machine-Builders of Russia, the Committee on Power Engineering
  • The All-Russian Public Organization “Business Russia” – Committee on Power energy.

With the Media:

Specialists of the company are the members of the Editorial Board of the periodical “Electric Power. Transmission and distribution”.

Social partnership:

The Charity Regional Public Fund of Social Programs “Tvardovsky, 2” of the Moscow OMON GU Rosgvardia in Moscow