Electrical insulating materials

The electrical insulating materials developed and manufactured by our company can be used both in a complex and particularly.


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  • КЭП-3 is a compound with a normalized electrical resistance is designed to restore a semiconductive layer on the surface of the rods. Can serve as a glue for fastening wedges;
  • КЭ-4 – a pouring compound of cold curing is intended for pouring and gluing of structural parts of high-voltage electric machines, in particular spacer wedges. After gluing the wedges, there is no need to fasten them with lavsan cords;
  • KЗЭ-5 – a compound – putty of cold curing is designed to fix the involute. It is laid in the place of retraction of the rods and after curing gives this structure additional rigidity;
  • KK-1 – a compound for fixing threads of metal fasteners of electric machines;
  • ППЛ-1, ППЛ-2, ППЛ-3 – semiconductive tapes are intended for anticorona protection of the slot and frontal parts of stator windings of high-voltage engines and turbogenerators;
  • the silicon lacquer of impregnation grade KO-916Н (with reduced temperature and drying time) is intended for impregnation of windings of electric machines with heavy operating conditions with operating temperature up to 180 ° С;
  • the silicon enamel of grade KO-983 of cold curing is intended for anti-corrosion coating of the rotor rings of generator rotors, anticorrosive and electrical protection of electric machines;
  • enamel silicon of grade KO-976 of hot drying is designed for the anti-corrosion and electrical protection of electrical machines;
  • semiconducting enamels of cold hardening ППЭ-1, ППЭ-2, ППЭ-3 are intended for anticorona protection of the slot and frontal parts of the windings of stators of high-voltage engines and turbogenerators;
  • electrical insulating compound of impregnation brand ДИЭЛ-ЭПИК-14 is designed for impregnating and pouring windings of electrical machines with an operating temperature up to 180 ° C;
  • lacquer ЭФ-9-080 is intended for the protective coating of printed circuit boards of electronic equipment;
  • glue-compound of epoxy grade KЭ-2 is designed for pouring cable glands, as well as gluing metals and nonmetallic materials among themselves.