Advantages of the company

The company provides services for modernization on-site equipment installation with reissue of operational documentation. It is possible to perform the small-scale modernization and export the equipment to our own production facilities for work performance.

Unique services

  • Processing the shafts of the rotor shaft at the power plant conditions;
  • Complex diagnostics of turbogenerators with determination of optimal modernization measures;
  • A comprehensive proposal for the installation of a frequency drive with the modernization of engines;
  • Modernization of the monitoring system.

Stator modernization

  • Replacement of winding;
  • Replacement of active steel;
  • Modernization of fastening of frontal parts and lead busbars of winding;
  • Modernization of the fastening of collectors (replacement of rigid fastening with elastic ones);
  • Replacement of the outer core packages with improved cooling;
  • Replacement of pressure rings of the core with improved cooling;
  • Restoration of core pressing;
  • Modernization of the thermal control system of the winding with the transfer of resistance thermometers to the distillate drains from the rods;
  • Replacement of rigid outgoing busbars with flexible ones;
  • Installation of additional sensors for monitoring the level of partial discharge, vibration, degree of deformation of the front parts;
  • Modernization of water and hydrogen seals.

Rotor modernization

  • Replacement of the rotor winding;
  • Replacement of housing and interturn isolation with increasing class of heat resistance;
  • Replacement of the damper system;
  • Installation of the control system of the winding closures and the temperature of the cooling gases in the air gap;
  • Modernization of the current supply and contact rings;
  • Replacement of bundles of the shroud rings for corrosion-resistant, made of forgings of non-magnetic steel grade P900;
  • Processing of working surfaces of post bearing and UVG with a decrease in beats up to 0.02 mm.

In the process of modernization, modern materials are used with a high level of reliability, the possibility of recycling and characterized by a low level of aging during operation, which allows increasing operational reliability and minimizing the scope of inspections / repairs. The part of the components after the tests (defectoscopy) and recovery is reused.

The effect of performing a complex of works on the modernization of the turbogenerator.

  • Extended service life up to 30 years;
  • Increase in reliability;
  • The possibility of reliable operation in the mode of daily load regulation;
  • Reduction of the terms of typical overhauls during operation;
  • If necessary, increase the power to 15%;
  • Possibility of reliable operation in the mode of reactive power consumption;
  • Significant reduction in costs compared with the purchase of a new turbogenerator.