Wind power plant “Windeс-Veten-02”




Rated power, W  200  Increased from 160 W
Operating range of winds, m / s  2,5-20
Design wind speed, m / s  9  Decreased from 12 m / s
Output voltage, V  12,5
Mast height, m  4-6
Weight, kg  8
The gel accumulator, pcs.  1  Additional equipment
Accumulator capacity, A ∙ h  90-200
Inverter, power, kW  1  Additional equipment


Windec-Veten-02 – wind power plant is a modernization of one of the best domestic wind turbines “Veten”, on which two vinyl blades with improved aerodynamic characteristics are installed, the design of the tail unit is changed. It is designed for autonomous power supply of household and industrial appliances with a power of up to 1 kW. It can be used to supply mobile detachments, private houses, agricultural farms, radio equipment, for use as an autonomous source of energy for street lighting, etc.

The wind plant can work as a part of the wind-solar complex “WINDEC”.