Wind power station “Airforce 4.1 – Windec-5”


Technical specifications of wind station

Model Airforce 4.1-005 Windec
 Rated power 5 kW
 Max. output power 5,8 kW
 Output voltage 48 V
 Design wind speed 12 m/s
 Cut-out-wind speed 25 m/s
 Max. design  wind speed 60 m/s
 Cut-in- wind speed 1,8 m/s
 Start-up wind speed 3 m/s
 Rated speed rotation of the wind wheel 500 rpm
 Max. rotation speed of the wind wheel 550 rpm
 Operating temperature -30°С +65°С
 Survival temperature -60°С +65°С
 Start-up temperature after freezing -30°С
 Number of blades 3
 Wind wheel diameter 4,1 m
 Blade length 2,02 m
 Blade material composite
 Generator 3-phase magnetoelectric
 Brake system Controlled electromagnetic brake
 Orientation to the wind In the wind- side, the wind wheel behind the mast
 Incidence  Constant
 Total head weight with blades 120 kg
 Guarantees  2 and 5 years
 Controller  Fully-controlled automatic
 Mast height  12 m


Purpose The wind power station is designed to generate electricity for power supply of private buildings, objects of agro-industrial complexes, small enterprises, cellular and radio relay communication systems and other objects. The station consists of the wind power plant  “Airforce 4.1” with a system for regulating the rotation speed, the charge controller of the batteries and the inverter. The installation of Airforce 4.1 has the European certificate and can be successfully applied for the intended purpose. The noise level is not more than 63 dB at a distance of 25 m from the mast.