Wind-solar street lamps with LED Emitters

Technical specifications

Supply voltage, V 24 DC
Electric power, W 35/40/50/80
Light power, lm 2800/3200/4000/6400
Light stream angle, ° -50….100°
Color temperature, ° K 3000-7000
Type of light white, yellow, bluish
Height of light emitter above ground level, m 4-8
Degree of automation the photo-relay
Wind energy plant power, W 50, 100, 150 (depends on the quantity of lights)
Number of solar panels, pcs. 1-3
Power of solar panels, W 20-60-80 (depends on design)
Accumulator type and capacity AMG 50 А·h
Wind operating range, m/s 3-25
Runaway speed, m/s 50
Operating temperature, °С -40° ….+50° С
Service life, years 25
Noise level at the base of the column, dBa 45
Service life of light emitters, h 100 000
Warranty 3 years


Wind-solar lights are designed for lighting streets, parks, squares, motorways. The main advantage of wind-solar lanterns is their autonomy. Their use does not require the laying of electrical cables. The use of LED emitters virtually eliminates their maintenance.