NPO VEI Elektroizolyatsiya, JSC introduces Model-Oriented Design

In the middle of May 2019, a seminar was held at NPO VEI Elektroizolyatsiya, JSC : “MATLAB / Simulink for the development of electromechanical systems as part of Model-Oriented Design” prepared by the Center of Engineering Technologies and Modeling “Exponenta”. The seminar was attended by the Director General of NPO VEI Elektroizolyatsiya, JSC Krupenin Nilkolay, the Executive director of NPO VEI Elektroizolyatsiya, JSC Kudryavtsev Igor, the management and engineers of “Exponenta”, representatives of engineering and design companies, developers and suppliers of electrical and power equipment.

The event was devoted to the discussion of power machines modeling and control algorithms, the integration of various equipment with MATLAB for conducting semi-natural tests. The use of RHYTHM-a semi-natural modeling set for solving problems of designing of highly reliable control systems was discussed. In addition, within the framework of the seminar, the issues of generating “C” and HDL code were considered, as well as the possibilities for proving the reliability of the embedded systems being developed in accordance with industry standards.

Following the results of the workshop, promising areas of cooperation were identified, within which the implementation of Model-Oriented Design will be implemented.