NPO VEI Elektroizolyatsiya,JSC at the Eurasian interstate program meeting

Executive director of JSC “NPO VEI Elektroizolyatsiya” Kudryavtsev Igor took part in an expanded coordination meeting on the implementation of the Interstate Eurasian program. This program was initiated to improve the efficiency and reliability of energy facilities, the direct participant of which is JSC “NPO VEI Elektroizolyatsiya”. The event was held under the auspices of the Eurasian technological platform “Energy and Electrification” at the site of the Eurasian Economic Commission with the participation of the National Research University “MPEI” and more than 25 engineering, scientific, educational and industrial organizations from the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU).

Earlier, the draft of interstate program “Improving the Efficiency and Reliability of Energy Facilities in the Member States of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU)” was presented at the Eurasian Week International Forum, as well as at the meeting of the EAEU Industrial Policy Council, held as part of the African Industrial Forum “Big Industrial Week”, and the Eurasian Industrial Congress“ INTEGRATION ”. According to the developers, this program is aimed at accelerating the technological development of the energy complex of the EAEU countries, ensuring energy security and independence of the EAEU countries, the competitiveness of power engineering products of the EAEU countries in world markets, and reducing technological risks in the energy sector.

“The geographical and economic features of many regions of the Union countries are prerequisites for the development of distributed energy. These regions can become growth points in this area. In addition, the implementation of the developed intergovernmental program will also contribute to the effective interaction of organizations of the Union in the field of providing consumers with energy resources, increasing the efficiency of their usage, reducing the negative impact of energy facilities on the environment, as well as developing and commercializing energy-efficient technologies for production, transformation, transmission, distribution and energy consumption in the countries of the Union, ”said Deputy Director of Comission Department on Industrial Policy Alexander Gotovsky.

 Within the framework of this program, NPO VEI Elektroizolyatsiya, JSC carries out works on the development of high-voltage electrical devices with an innovative type of insulating structures, as well as on the creation of a complex of power grid equipment for 10 kV voltage, which ensures the connection of various sources of small renewable and distributed generation and the effective operation of this system, both offline and when connected to the grid. This block of research and development works is carried out in order to ensure increased reliability and effective integration of power grid equipment with various sources of small renewable and distributed generation.

With the participation and support of JSC “NPO VEI Elektroizolyatsiya” partner FSBEI HE “Oryol State University named after I. Turgenev”, projects are being developed to make the transition to advanced power plants based on multi-purpose and environmentally friendly microturbines, as well as to develop modern diagnostic and monitoring equipment of power grid complex. One of the projects is dedicated to the development of a multifunctional innovative platform for continuous monitoring of power equipment, in particular, the development of a software and hardware complex for predicting the state of power equipment using big data technologies, machine learning and neural grids. The second project is aimed at creating power installations with a capacity of 50 to 200 kW that meet modern requirements for environmental friendliness, fuel versatility, multi-purpose functionality that can compete in cost effectiveness with the best piston units.