NPO VEI Elektroizolyatsiya, JSC at the meeting of the Section “Substations technologies and equipment” of the Scientific and Technical Council of ROSSETI, PJSC

At the end of February Deputy Director General of NPO VEI Elektroizolyatsiya JSC, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor V.N. Varivodov, being the head of the permanent section “Substations technologies and equipment” of the Scientific and Technical Council of ROSSETI, PJSC, held a meeting, as part of the work of the Scientific and Technical Council of ROSSETI, PJSC. The meeting was devoted to a discussion of the main trends in technology and high-voltage equipment based on CIGRE 2018 results.

The event was attended by representatives of PJSC ROSSETI, JSC STC FGC UES, PJSC FITS, JSC ENIN, JSC CIUS UES, VEI – branch of RFNC-VNIITF, “NIU MEI”, the magazine “ELECTRIC POWER. Transmission and distribution”, research and design organizations.

Opening the meeting, Deputy General Director of NPO VEI Elektroizolyatsiya,JSC, Dr. Sc., Professor V.N. Varivodov (an individual member of CIGRE and a member of CIGRE RNC in SC A3) drew attention to the importance of developing the power grid complex in the direction of intellectualization and digitalization in order to achieve a qualitatively new level of reliability, availability, and efficiency of the grid infrastructure. The transition to SMART equipment was identified as an unavoidable need in the context of modern technical and socio-economic requirements for electric power facilities.

Ph.D. Vasily Larin (a representative of the RNC CIGRE in SC A2, Head of the Transformers Department of the VEI, a branch of RFNC-VNIITF) presented for discussion the main trends and achievements in the field of transformer equipment, increasing its reliability, as well as methods of diagnostics, testing.

In his speech, Alexander Drobyshevsky, Ph.D., the chief expert of STC FGC, a regular member of SC A3 “High-Voltage Equipment” of CIGRE and a representative of the RNC CIGRE in SC A2 focused on new developments for backbone and distribution grids, including the impact of the distributed renewable sources and energy storage on them, as well as issues of improving reliability, diagnostics, forecasting, testing and control.

It is expected to issue a protocol of the ST Council with suggestions in the field of intellectualization and digitalization of high-voltage equipment, as well as proposals to increase the number of young specialists in CIGRE research committees working groups.

Photo materials are provided by the magazine’s  editors “ELECTRIC POWER. Transmission and distribution”.